1. It's the first day of school. What do you do?

Strengthen your resolve not to get your heart broken this year, reflect on some Bright Eyes, take a shallow breath, and shuffle into your first class.
Swing by the computer lab to see if they've upgraded over the summer.
Check out the lady prospects to see if any new girls have moved in over the summer.
Burst into song and dance in the middle of the hallway. Your version of singing is more of yelling, really.
Discuss last night's game with the guys.
Burst into your homeroom teacher's classroom begging her to allow you to do the mandatory review of the school handbook. While reading you do your best Ted Koppel impersonation.
You go directly to your first class as you have no friends to talk with, and you want to be picked on as little as possible.
Nod to a few friends and attempt conversation with a few others. Conversation is mainly silence.

2. You collect:

Sports cards
Hardware, warez, and Linux distros
Girls' phone numbers
Bottle caps
Broken hearts and vinyl records

3. You buy your clothes at:

Goodwill or the local thrift shop
Nowhere, I make clothes out of duct tape and assorted plant fibres
Sporting goods stores
Men's Wearhouse and brand-name specialty shops
I don't buy clothes, new ones just appear in my closet.
Eh, nowhere specific, wherever I can find a good price
Wherever I can find those stylish single-coloured t-shirts with the pocket

4. If you had a super power, what would it be?

The hacker skills of Hollywood
A stunningly charming smile
I can make villains cry with my poetry
This question does not apply to me as I already have all 364 super-powers known to man.
Super force-field of unpopularity
I can cause tears of boredom from over three hundred paces
Exploding feet
Space Jam.

5. Car?

A '91 Celica with more LCDs than seats.
A Camaro.
A old Ford Escort.
Either my vespa or my Kia.
A Camry.
A Gremlin.
My mom's minivan.

6. How do you expect to die?

Spontaneous combustion!
With a noose around my neck, hanging from in tree in my backyard with the message "This broken heart will never mend, so never shall I breathe again." carved into my chest with an Exacto knife.
Getting beat up.
Tripping on something and falling.
Heart failure during vigorous sex.
Heart failure during light exercise.
In my sleep.
I'm gonna live forever!

7. You ask a girl/boy out. Her/his response?

She/he excitedly agrees.
She/he agrees and considers herself/himself the luckiest girl/boy on earth.
She/he runs away screaming.
She/he laughs, then says no.
She/he giggles nervously, says yes, then runs off to tell her/his friends.
Either her eyes grow big, then glaze over before she declines or she agrees then breaks up with you when she realises her mistake.
She either gives an excuse you've already heard a thousand times, or she agrees and breaks up with you later with some lame line.
She/he logs out.

8. How do you listen to music on the go?

My PDA or a non-Apple digital audio player
I don't listen to music/I don't listen to music on the go.
A late-model Sony CD Walkman or another contemporary CD player
A vintage Sony Walkman
Cassette player
Portable satellite radio
Transistor radio

9. If you had a blank sheet of lined paper, what would you probably do with it?

I would write sad, bitter, or angry poetry on it.
I would use it for my homework.
I would use it for origami.
I would ignore the lines and draw up plays on it.
I would write romantic things on it.
I would draw a picture on it.
I would either eat it or light it on fire.
I don't use lined paper.