It's April Fools' Day�how do you win?
In order to "win" at April Fools' Day, you need to be able to go through the entire day without falling for any tricks, pranks, fabrications, falsehoods, or ruses. The best way to do this is to treat every interaction as an April Fools' Day trick. If someone tells you something simply respond "Hah! April Fools!" or "Ah, almost got me.". Here are some examples:

Your professor: We will be having a test tomorrow, so the due date on your paper will be extended one week.
You: April Fools! Not going to trick me into studying instead of writing my paper!

Your boss: I want this report on my desk before five o'clock.
You: Good one, sir. You almost made me stop goofing off for a minute there.

Your mom: Your aunt just got out of the hospital after her operation. It would be nice if you could go visit her or at least send her a nice card.
You: Hahahaha! She wasn't in the hospital!

Your friend: Yo check out this suspiciously formatted hyperlink:
You: Not falling for that, bro.

I assume you've got the hang of it now. But what if people catch on and try to use your skepticism against you? For example, telling you important things that are true in the hopes that you'll ignore them with catastrophic results, resulting in a small quantity of lulz for them. Well, doesn't really matter. It doesn't count as an April Fools Day joke if they tell you something true. It especially doesn't count if you say "Hah April Fools". Saying April Fools basically indicates that you were aware that there is a joke, so you don't have to worry about it.

Another note: April Fools' Day is basically a free day to screw up. Any mistake, error or screw-up you make all day, you should simply claim as an April Fools' Day joke.

OK, that's it. Enjoy!