I have known I've been in need of a new computer for several years now, my old one gave me problems from day one (many people would remember my problems with the comp not running upright, and reading CDs that were not in the drive at the time). I also have far too much time on my hands. These two problems could naturally be solved by one thing: casemod!! Then one day my mother comes up to me and says "Hey, want a briefcase?" Obviously this was fate telling me what to do! Briefcase comp, here I come!

So, here we have our first views of the case, in comparison to me. as you can see, it is not very small as breifcases go. I believe the official measurements were somewhere around 19" square and 7 inches deep. Plenty of room to put in all the necessary parts, right? Of course it would be! And before you all ask, I have no idea what any of the stuff written on the case means. I'm hoping the DG stands for something like "Dog-Gone (awesome)" or "Dead Generation" or something equally as badass.

Here we have the case in its fully extended form, you can see that the botton is quite deep, although since the top is still full of foam you can't see much of that. Needless to say that would need to go.

An early design sketch for what was to come. It's clear that I was aiming a bit high, but my dreams are very hard to chain down. So with all this in mind I set out to the internet in search of parts to fit my needs.

Buying things comes next!