Meanwhile back at the school, some football players walk the halls talking to each other and blaming those blasted Goth kids for the recent bout of hallucinations that's been plaguing the football team. There is a confrontation between the football guys and a gaggle of Goths, the main two Goths being the two we saw explode earlier. The main girl Goth threatens the jocks with the power of Abel Fry and looks really old. A fat football player responds with the classic "I ain't afraid of no ghost!" then the two respective groups back off. One of the Goth kids acts gay, which means he's pure evil of course. Later we see the two main Goth kids whining about how much school sucks. Goth girl continues to look REALLY old and cries. Awwww.

The undercover family arrives. Undercover dad is to be posing as a janitor, undercover mom will be a counselor, and the two kids will be preppie girl and nerdy boy students. A black security officer (or cop? It's never really explained exactly what he is or what kind of authority he has) is angered by their appearance and is given a dog as a partner, which is apparently supposed to be hilarious. An uber-nerd resembling Jon Cusak escorts the undercover kids to their classes. In undercover girl's first class she gets into a debate about prayer in school. Because she's on the side of prayer, obviously she wins by comparing the concept of relative morality to terrorism. She and a black guy in a lettered jacket exchange looks, jungle love is implied. As class ends, Jon Nerdsac (the uber-nerd from before, hell if I know his name) is impressed with her speaking skills, and a wall of preppie girls approaches her to say she's cool. The black football guy then uses the best come-on EVER on her.

" believe in the hereafter?"
"Then you must know what I'm here after."
"You won't get it."

OOOOOOH snap! Shut down!!!! Don't worry folks, he doesn't let it stop him but you'll find out about that later.

At lunch Undercover Girl is sitting with the preppie girls from earlier, they gossip about the recent goings-on, explaining that Abel Fry was some kid who killed himself in the school years ago and now apparently haunts the place and does the bidding of the Goth kids, who are referred to as the "out to lunch bunch" for some reason. In the hall Undercover Dad, the black security guy, and the dog investigate a locker. The dog smells something on the kid's money. EVIDENCE!!! Back at lunch Undercover Preppie and her friends have decided to go explore the "forbidden wing" where Abel Fry killed himself. It apparently was under renovation and was never finished. The renovators must have left in a hurry because they left all their ladders there. One of the preppie girls says that "If you look up forbidden in the dictionary you'll find a picture of people who DIED snooping around!" and they leave undercover girl by herself in the forbidden wing. She busts out a flashlight and shines it around on all the old ladders and whatnot, then sees some sort of mask, gets frightened, and hits her head. When she comes to in a doctor's office, she claims she was hit.

Later the undercover kids decide to return to the forbidden wing after dark to do some more snooping and put an audio recorder in the said wing while their parents are busy back at the undercover RV (yes they live in an RV) investigating a straw. They find a painting of a Linkin Park album cover or something on the wall and assume that it's the Goth girl's. They talk about the Undercover Sister's crush on that black guy for some reason. Then they hear something and run after it, which is intercut with confusing footage of some sort of ritual. They see a person through a window in a door and continue to run, in the process sissy fighting a door and screaming a lot (the both of them).Eventually the catch the person they've been chasing, turns out it's Goth Boy, whom they happen while he's in the middle of acting like a frog. He very vaguely threatens them and then hops away.

The next day, the fat football player kid finds the sign of the curse and we immediately give up on that scene to watch the Goth couple's gym class. Turns out those Goths are not very enthusiastic jumping jackers. When the Goth kids walk away out of boredom, fatty and the black kid (the two remaining football players) jump them behind the bleachers. They push the two Goth kids menacingly in order to get them to call off the ghost. Just then Undercover Janitor shows up to save the day! He tell everyone to leave, and the Goth kids rush off, leaving a cell phone behind. Then the coach of the 2 man football team shows up to defend his players' bullying ways. The janitor then beats him up by shaking his hand in a weird way.

Later that day Undercover Geek gives Goth Girl back her cell phone, and she is extremely angry about it. She yells at him for a while about how much everyone sucks and how Abel Fry is their last hope while looking older than anyone should ever look. Goth Girl then goes off in a huff to insult Undercover Preppie Chick. Undercover Girl tries her damndest to act like she cares, despite the fact that she obviously does not, then they both walk off in their respective huffs. Undercover Girl walks into some biology room where Mr Nerd Cusak is talking to lab animals. They bond for a while and he tells her about his python. Meanwhile, in shop class, Fatty McLinebacker is being made fun of by other fat kids, then he begins to hallucinate and pass out. This causes them to suspend the black kid for safety reasons and his locker is searched. Inside is some money that smells funny and a straw, just like in the other lockers.

Now that the black football guy has no school to go to, he heads over the undercover RV to woo Undercover Sis. They go for a walk and he romances her up, spilling more of his awesome lines and oozing sex like no one's business. Finally, he points out a spider on her blouse and then immediately begins making out with her (didn't I tell you he was fucking smooth?). She is understandably displeased, but lets it slide cuz she apparently has jungle fever. Later that night she heads over to the school again to put a new disc in the audio recorder they planted. She stumbles upon a secret passage which leads to a room with a pentagram and some lit candles (obviously a set from Buffy or Charmed). There are also a bunch of dummies wearing masks, one of which turns out to be a person who tries to choke her. She kicks him in the nuts and runs to get her dad (wuss), but when she comes back the secret passage is gone and she looks stupid. Undercover Father threatens to send her to her Grandmother's place.

Yeah, it keeps going.