That night however, the room Undercover Girl discovered is used for an extremely badly done satanic ritual. All it is is a bunch of kids chanting in Halloween masks. This ritual implies that the next victim is Undercover Girl. The next day Undercover Girl gives Goth Girl her sweater for some reason (baby blue to match her soul) and Goth Girl steals some money from it to show that even though Goth kids are tormented, they actually are bad people. We then cut to a rehearsal of the school play conveniently entitled "Curse of the Hangman" (come on now movie, give us some credit). As the Goth kids sit there watching the play, Goth Girl hallucinates seeing Abel Fry and then passes out, causing Goth Boy to cry and scream that "She's one of us!" (although the horn-rimmed Goth kid actually looks rather pleased about the whole affair).

Later on the whole school is gathered to an assembly to be dismissed due to all the recent ghostings. For some reason the black kid shows up and is extremely sweaty. Outside the auditorium Undercover Girl is investigating a vent for some reason with a very very long dentists tool. Backstage, Undercover Geek stumbles upon Goth Boy standing on top of the gallows set for the school play ranting and raving with scwiggles all over his face. Undercover Geek makes not-so-subtle comments about god, then Goth Boy kicks him in the face. As the Goth Kid puts the noose around his neck, the curtains open for some reason and Goth Kid sees the crowd of people he previously didn't notice. They yell for him to do it and he jumps, hoping to hang himself despite the fact that the gallows appear to be made of cardboard. The black kid and Undercover Nerd save him. Getting back to Undercover Sister's vent adventures, she probes said vent with a camera by sticking the camera 3 feet in front of her, how useful. She then dons a hazmat suit she happened to be carrying with her, and crawls into the impossibly large vent.

Now the movie starts to lose track of itself, and move very fast, I'll try to walk you through it. We cut to a laboratory where a scientist has analyzed the straws and money found in the student's lockers. He talks like he just got kicked in the nuts, and begins to explain the film to us. The money in each locker was laced with spider pheromones, the straws had male spiders in them and were capped with sugar in either end so the spider could not get out. When the spider smelled the pheromone on the victim, it ate its way through the sugar and bit the victim. But it turns out one straw had a female spider in it, so instead of seeking the pheromone, she squirted hers all over the place (the slut) therefore attracting a male brown recluse spider, they then had sex and apparently had uber deadly hyper hybrid babies. And thus the whole movie is explained in 2 or 3 hyperactive minutes.

Undercover mom rushes the news of the deadly spiders to the school, which is immediately evacuated just as the spiders emerge, except for Undercover Sis who is still crawling around her big ol' vent. Undercover Sis stumbles upon a big spider nest, and in a very badly edited sequence crawls all the way up to the attic where Mr Ubernerd is up there waiting for her with a bunch of spiders in cages. He reveals that he was the one who did all this bad stuff, because Abel Fry was a relative of his and he's crazy. He chases her with a knife until she falls down the vent into the pentagram room and breaks her legs.

Meanwhile, the spider invasion continues. The coach lifts weights to prove he is not afraid of spiders. Then he yells at the spiders, but they still bite the hell out of him. Undercover Dad and Undercover Brother go looking for Sis, not knowing she has recently been chased by a knife-wielding nerd. Back in the basement she has just woken up, and realizes that her hazmat suit does not protect her from 4 or 5 story falls onto concrete. She screams a lot. The nerdy killer then walks in, says some stuff about how awesome killing things is, then cuts open her suit so the spiders can bite her. After a few more cliche lines of dialogue he puts a spider on his chest, and gets it to bite him. Unfortunately even though he has to unbutton his shirt, he only gives us the slightest nip slip. Boo. As she starts to hallucinate from the spider bite, she sings hymns to herself which apparently save her life. Then her dad BURSTS THROUGH A FUCKING WALL to save her. She gets the anti-venom just in time and survives.

Finally, for the epilogue, we cut to a scene of a happy family barbecue at the undercover RV. The whole undercover family is there, with the black kid and the two Goth kids.They talk about what a crazy adventure they just had, then the black kid says grace (but he's black so he says it all crazy and ghetto). Also, the two Goth kids have magically and amazingly become completely normal for some reason (she still looks wicked old though). The moral being that if you're attacked by spiders the best way to defend yourself is to become Christian and blindly conform to everyone else. The end.

Needless to say, this movie clearly has more than a few problems. A confusing plot, overly trite and cliche characters, no sense of storytelling structure, and also the fact that in the last 15 minutes of the film it switches from being a high school drama/murder mystery to being a fucking spider invasion movie. But don't fret boys and girls, it's all for the sake of Jesus, and what bad stuff has ever been done in his name. Am I right? I?