What is awesome? Besides being one of the greatest words in the English (or American even) language; right up there with corn, r0x0r (in relation to your b0x0rs), and even able to compete against some words of my own invention (although it does get bitch-slapped by a word more awesome than awesome: dhoure). A suprisingly un-awesome dictionary written by some dude named "Webster" (a more dandy-ish name you shall never see, 'cept maybe Jim Dandy) defines awesome as "inspiring awe", whereas if you were to look in MY dictionary (which I don't have to tell you, is THE dictionary of awesomeness) you would find two definitions: 1)Me 2)Stuff that rules in relation to other stuff. Now you tell me which is more awesome. If you said mine: you win!! From this definition it seems more than apparent to anyone with even hick-level literacy skills that the definition of awesome is rather viscous, much like glass or silly putty, or a record that has been left out in the sun too long, it has therefore become my mission, nay! My calling, NAY! My vested interest to instill upon the ignorant masses the knowledge of what is awesome, and what is the opposite of awesome: LAME. And so, enter if you dare, enter if your mind can deal with the snapping strain and shock of pure awesome, enter if your heart can stand the shocking truth of: GRAVE ROBBERS FROM OUTER SPACE!!!! (who are awesome)