Who the heck are you guys?

We are the GPA. We are four crazy geeks from New Hampshire, the most gangster state in the union, except for maybe Michigan. We write much comedy for your reading/sexual pleasure. We are awesome.

Why isn't there much on the site yet?

There is, you just can't see it. Most of the content for this site is so funny that it is invisible until the incantation of Moragnot is cast over it by the great wizard Engelbert Humperdinck. Unfortunately he is very picky about his schedule, what with his death in 1921 and all, so it only comes out in small doses.

What's up with the slab of meat?

That's Awesome Al, our mascot. He's an international man of intrigue and meaty-ness, and is known to often have wacky and action-packed adventures around the world. You'd better not cross him, or you'd better be ready to get 5 across the eyes from a big ol' peice of meat. He is awesome.

Who makes those crazy images on the left side of the pages?

That would be Matt. He is a great artist. He's so good they kicked him off of Deviant Art for ruling too much. Actually that's a lie, he would never art it up in such a lame place. Most of his art goes on his refrigerator, which is large and vengeful. It is awesome.

How do you decide what's awesome?

Through a scientific process of chemical osmosis and hydroponic klerodynamics, and through the wisdom imparted to us through our many peyote-induced visions in which our spirit animals (a small pack of koalas) lead us on freak-out journeys of discovery.

I want to give you money, because your site is so awesome.

That's not a question, it's a statement. Please ask those in the Frequently Stated Statements section that does not exist.

How can I be as awesome as the GPA?

Lemme tell ya kid, you can't. To be as awesome as the GPA you'd have to join the GPA, and we're not hiring right now, but we'll keep your resume on file, and keep you in mind. Don't call us, we'll call you. Lame-face.

Can I be your best friend?

Only if you have lots of money, lots of genitalia/boobies, or lots of ideas for me to use and not credit to you. Otherwise you can try really hard and get into the penultimate teir of my best friends. Those who don't qualify for even acquaintance level friendship with me win a copy of our home game and a free cheese basket.

What does "GPA" stand for?

Your mother. OH SNAP! Z-z-z-zing!!!