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12/16/2020: This just in: Covid-19 is definitely not awesome.
9/27/2018: Captain's log, September 27th: the seas are frothing with awesome things. Moral is high, although the recent emergence of the dreaded "baby" monsters has redefined the meaning of the word "tired." Nevertheless, this awesome journey will carry on!
11/23/2013: We nearly lost our hosting! That would have been the worst thing to happen to HAIT since the gang dispersed... uh... not that we're a gang! Though if we were a gang we'd be an awesome one. However, we're not a gang so it doesn't matter (please don't tell our moms we're in a gang)
2/28/2010: awesome (adj.): 1. Updating your website two days in a row. 2. Realizing today that for no apparent reason you switched the date format from MM/DD/YY to MM/DD/YYYY around two years ago.
2/27/2010: Interviewing for a job can be a daunting task. Luckily, HAIT is here to help!
9/28/2009: True awesome is only acquired by not updating your website in 5 months.
4/16/2009: Know what's synonomous with "awesome"? This picture.
4/2/2009: So just in time for April Second, here is Part One of a two part guide to April Fools' Day! Who knows when part two will show up!
4/1/2009: We're still alive, promise. j/k, April Fools!
10/18/2008: Anybody can be cool...
10/4/2008: My school sucks way more than yours. No, seriously.
11/12/2007: One of our members recently came of drinking age.
04/27/07: I recently stumbled across an incredible movie review. A review that will leave you in more tears than if you watched the film itself. Be prepared...
01/24/07: In the course of reading this site, you've probably wondered, "How do they manage to sound so awesome? Also, how do I amuse others and and myself in conversation?"
Well, you can find a beginner's guide here.
12/06/06: You may not think it, but we here at HAIT actually try to go to such lame places as college. Except we do it AWESOME!!!
09/13/06: Hey, we're back. Our host mysteriously disappered. But we're back. If you have any ideas for comedy contact us. We'll either use it or ridicule it, so either way they'll be more content. Unless we end up being lazy and not doing anything with your submission.
12/09/05: In order to help YOU we've started The Lame Article. It is a work in progress; we will be making additions. Check back.
11/07/05: Myspace? I AM SO THERE!
10/19/05: The long awaited GPA Quiz is finally here!
9/12/05: Educate yourself on how to start a grill! Grilling The Awesome Way: Part 1 (XviD, 16MB)
8/22/05: Which iteration of Andrew are you? Find out with the Andrew Quiz.
8/14/05: Casio VLTone video now up! See what has been rumored to be the last public sighting of Matt...
7/06/05: The Guide to Getting Dumped By Girls has been updated.
6/13/05: Guide to Getting Dumped By Girls! Unlike the last update, this one isn't a million pages.
4/24/05: Movie review time!! Unlike the the last update, this may actually be considered funny.
4/19/05: What is the National Honors Society really up to?
3/24/05: Which Matt are you? Find out with the Matt Quiz.
2/08/05: Ahoy! It's a new ARRRRRticle!!
1/20/05: The FAQ is up, you can see it right above this update, how coincidental!
1/17/05: Added a documentary on my computer to the awesome stuff section.
1/11/05: Added Matt's Car to the videos section and added Zombies to the articles section.