Joyfully I packed my belongings in our luxurious minivan and prepared for the long trip ahead. I had everything: my gaming desktop, my electric and acoustic guitars, ramen, and a fistful of cash to spend on who knows what. I was leaving the love of my life back home but I had a lot of hope for my future and for ours as well. I was leaving home. I was becoming independent. I was on my own.

As we arrived at The School, rain began to fall. This was rather unfortunate as my computer had an opening at the top for a fan to blow through. I managed at last to get all of my belongings inside with the help of some of The School's assistants. Once I was inside I surveyed my room. Immediately I knew something was suspicious. This room was very different than the rooms I had seen during my tour. It was small, smelled slightly of molding wood and had a range of furniture that astonishingly looked like it came straight from the 60's. "No matter," I told myself, as I shrugged the feeling off and unpacked my belongings.

First to be set up was my computer. To put this situation in a proper context, consider this: for most of my life I was not allowed to have internet access on my computer. This meant I could not entertain myself with the many online games available for the PC. Because of this, I was obviously excited about the prospect of gaming on a high speed connection. I had spent the past three months building up excitement and anticipation of the moment where I would fire up Counter-Strike and play to my heart's content.

With my computer set up I proceeded to plug in my LAN cable and prepare for some gaming goodness.* I booted up, launched Counter-Strike and... nothing. No connectivity. My stomach fell to my feet as I realized that there was something blocking access to my beloved games. My parents knew how much I had been looking forward to this and said nothing as I sat there in stunned silence. However, I realized that not being able to game isn't the end of the world and I came to terms with my situation in a few minutes. Little did I know that this would be just the beginning of my horrors here at school.

Proxies FTL

* Even as I write this my fist is clenched and my heart is racing. I rarely get angry but recalling this moment still makes me grit my teeth in fury.