AKA, if you were me, which me would you be? (tee-hee, z pee re-re key bee!).

It's first thing in the morning, what can you be seen doing?

Fuck off I'm trying to sleep.
Just fuck off.
Wishing you were still asleep, everything is better in your dreams....
Wishing you were still asleep, cuz dreams=chicks.
Saying hello to the your furniture and socks. "Hello socks, did you sleep well?" is what you would say!
Blaring loud music to try to wake up.
Breakfast time!!!! Cold pop-tarts are where it's at yo!
Already on the net and IMing people you will just talk to in school in a half hour anyway.

The schooltime has arrived, what are you thinking?

What? Yeah sure.......zzz......
All this happiness pains me......I wish I had my bright eyes CD handy!
When the crap is lunch already!?!
I wonder what I could do to the school network today......
Did that sign say "Nah"? Hey playing jump the floortiles is fun!
Maybe they'll play some non-shitty music over the intercom today......who cares?
Stupid kids. Someday I'll make you all eat glass!

Ok, we're done with school now, how does the rest of your day pan out?

On the computer, watching teh cartoons or a movie you've pirated offa the net.
Resting after a long day of sitting.
Lieing somewhere......thinking....
The cookie jar is mine!!! Until the shrimp thaws, that is!
All of my spare time is taken up by thrusting.
Going to see a show maybe, or pretending you are at one.
My day? Who cares, I always think of something before it ends, and that something usually involves the words "hilarity ensues"
Getting into arguments with your friends and family....things have been like that lately.

Your significant other has just unceremoniously dumped you. Your reaction?

That bitch/bastard! Well they were an asshole anyway!
Listening to screaming emo for 3 days straight will set this right.....if I don't blow my eardrums out first.
This is what porn is for!!
This is what teh pr0n is for!
I'll drown my sorrows in Ho-Ho's! Chocolate makes everything better!
It was probably all my fault anyway. I'm such an asshole.
I don't wanna deal with this.....
Well I hope he/she finds someone nice. As for me, I have stuffed animals and the infinite and somewhat creepy power of my imagination to tell me that I'm loved!

Which word descibes you best?


What's your favorite kind of music?

Anything up-tempo
Comedic music (Aquabats, Nerf Herder, etc)
Tom Jones or Neil Diamond. The gods of sex shall teach me with their music!
I wanna be an oscar meyer weiner, that's what I really wanna be!
Low tempo music, slow and melodious.

Pick a day of the week you like. Yeah I know it's lame.

What about night-time?

What is your greatest character fault?

Is living a character fault?
I don't ever do anything. No drive.
I try to fit in too much.
I'm just too attractive. It's a curse.
Your mother!
I don't get enough vitamin D
I'm fat
Other people are my biggest fault.

Which phrase are you most likely to say?

Who will jig with me?!?
I got a fevah! And the only perscription is more COWBELL!
I suck.
Some people have boobies!
100k 47 m3! ][ 4m 7yping!
I will slap you in the mouth!
Who brought the peanut butter cuz Bito brought the JAM!