I was recently browsing the web for movies released in 1939 (it's a hobby of mine) and I stumbled across this gem of a movie. However, little did I know just how awesome this movie was until I saw a caption taken from a select review:

This obviously grabbed my attention. But I was little prepared for what was to come next: a plethora of awesome-ness that will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the Top 500 Greatest Reviews Of All Time. Be prepared for what you are about to witness! Not only is the word "awesome" used three times, but the reviewer was so adamant about his/her opinion that he/she used ten (count em, TEN!) exclamation marks to emphasize the incredible content of this film. You will notice that instead of giving you a link to the site, I have taken a screenshot of the page. I have done this because at ANY TIME imdb could stumble across the review and remove it because of the sheer stupidity pure genius of the author! So enjoy: