If you are of legal age in your place of residence, you need to try this beer. Now. It is hands down my favorite beer and earns the prestigious 5 star howawesomeisthat.com rating! Actually I made up that rating, but it's still pretty awesome. But I digress; perhaps I should begin this review by telling you my story. And so I shall.


When I was a young lad of < 21, I held a staunch no-alcohol position. As far as I knew beer was for people with bad taste, hard liquor was for getting drunk and wine was for hoity-toity people (good vocabulary word kids, write that one down.) I knew that when I turned 21 I would never even consider joining the ranks of the beer-guzzling brigade. Then I had a Newcastle.


My first drink was none other than a cold, bottled Newcastle Brown Ale. And what a drink. As I took my first sips, all of my pre-conceived notions about beer fell shamelessly to the floor. Sure it was a little bitter. Sure it cost twice as much as a soda. But as I swirled the last few drops of ale around with my tongue, it became clear to me that the reason many people drink beer is because it's good. Because the flavor is so much more complex than your run of the mill soda. Because it just feels good going down!


So in conclusion: drink Newcastle, it's awesome.