One of the biggest aspects of being awesome is talking awesome. Talking awesomely has two components:
(1)Saying things that are awesome, and
(2)Saying things that will get rid of topics or people that are not awesome.

The best way of talking awesome is through the use of adages, cliches, slogans and other such sayings.

Some examples:

Let's see how that works.

Scenario #1
Other person: The Wii is going to be such a hit. The PS3 sucks it costs too much, I don't need Blu-ray because my TV is a 10 inch black and white console TV from 1962. Besides the wiimote is the biggest innovation since the wheel.
You: It's like they say: Location, location, location.

Scenario #2
Them: How are you coming in the college application process? Those essays don't just write themselves.
You: All gave some. Some gave ALL.

Another nifty trick is to make your responses sound like punchlines dismembered from the jokes popular among elementary school worksheets, ex:
John: Let's make cupcakes!
Sally: That sounds like a deliciously good idea!

Or the ones where you have to solve twenty math problems in order to get the answer to a highbrow riddle. Ex.
Q: Why do babies make such good basketball players?
A: Because they know how to dribble!

Let's see that in practice:
Scenario #1
Mark: Try using trigonometric substition.
You: That's a frighteningly good idea!

Scenario #2
Your Boss: Why weren't these TPS reports finished?
You: ...because he didn't have any guts.
A great way to deal with people complaining is to feed them quotes stolen from the posters found around schools.
Whiner #1: I forget to return this video and now they're charging me LATE FEES!
You: Due dates are closer than they appear.

Whiner #2: I failed this test!
You: The mind is like a parachute, it works best when it's open.

In the previous two examples, you've seen how snippy an appropriate poster-quote can be. But another tactic is to use a poster-quote with no relevance. While the griper tries to figure out your meaning, you have time to escape. Let's see that in action.
Whiner #3: My car blew its head gasket again. You: There's no 'I' in team.
Irrelevant poster-quotes can also be used as conversation-filler to talk to dullards that talk about nothing and are too interested in themselves to listen to what you have to say.
Windbag: I think carrots are the best vegetable, I eat them all the time. When I went overseas, I noticed they didn't eat carrots, so I offered some to an elderly gentleman sitting next to me. He loved them!
You: Yeah, life's not a destination, it's a journey!

Less popular and long-winded poster-quotes can be used to sound overly wise.
Friend: I got fired again! I'll never be successful.
You: To live your life in your own reach for the goals you have set for be the you that you want to be -- that is success.

In conclusion, follow these tips, get rid of lamefolk, and establish a reputation of awesomeness sure to attract women!